2019-2020 mini-Clubs

 KSC Mini-Clubs are special interest groups that operate within Kirtland Spouse’ Social Club (KSSC).  These groups form over common interests — such as working out, reading books, trying new restaurants, or crafting.  Each mini-club has at least one Point-Of-Contact (POC).  These individuals help plan monthly activities and support other spouses within the monthly club.  We would love to meet you and include you in our community!  If you’re looking for more information on a specific mini-club, follow the Facebook link or email the KSC Mini-Club chair.  We hope to see you at an upcoming event! 

Book Club


  The Kirtland Spouses' Club Book Club is open to members of KSC who share a love of reading and getting together with friends for fun and discussion! We plan to meet every month at a local coffee shop, restaurant and even the KSC Clubhouse. We hope you can join us!  


Let's Eat! Lunch group



 Let's Eat! Is a Mini-Club through the Kirtland Spouses Club. Let's Eat! is an opportunity for KSC members to meet and taste the wonderful meals offered in Albuquerque.  


Bowling Club



 Hi everyone! Welcome to the KSC bowling club! This is where we will post activities planned, discussions, and more! This is for current/paid KSC members only. We look forward to you joining us for some quality bowling! 


Hiking and Camping


  Hi everyone! Welcome to the KSC camping and hiking club! This is where we will post activities planned, discussions, and more! This is for current KSC members. We look forward to you joining us on some great adventures!!!   https://www.facebook.com/groups/885018838220564/ 



  Hi everyone! Thank you for joining the Kirtland Spouses' Club crafts group! This group is for KSC members who like to craft and share crafting ideas. We  look forward to seeing you at an upcoming craft event!  https://www.facebook.com/groups/1620109608241809/ 




Need a little motivation or a partner to get fit with? Come join the Kirtland Spouses Club fitness group! We have HIIT days, powerlifting and mobility training sessions- hope to see you there! 


Trips and Tours


 Trips and Tours Mini Club of the Kirtland AFB Spouses' Club. We're lucky enough to be stationed in the great Southwest, and we're going to explore it!  Our trips will be day trips in and across the Albuquerque and nearby area. Some trips will be child and spouse friendly. Suggest a trip or RSVP to a planned outing and let's adventure!  


Have an idea??



We are always looking for ways to keep mini-clubs new and exciting. If you have an idea or would like to start a club, please email KSCminiclubs@gmail.com.